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Judging Criteria


Using the gear you already own, how visually stunning and compelling can you make your short film? Do this right and you could take home a new prize that will surely take your cinematography to the next level.


What can you say in 4 minutes? We want to see how well you can execute a story, theme, or concept all within a quick period of time.

Sound Design

How can you use sound to convey your story? Our panel is looking at how you creatively execute sound to engage the viewer deeper into your film.


Just because you don’t have the latest camera gear (yet), doesn’t mean you can’t create a stunning film using the gear you have. Here, judges will compare the quality of your film in relation to the gear you use. Filming on a super low budget but are able to get high-production-value? Bonus points!

The Judges

Gerald Undone

Patrick Tomasso