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How to Enter

  1. Create a short film up to 4 minutes in length, the subject matter is up to you! Check out the judging criteria for inspiration on how to impress our judges. The total value of your film equipment cannot exceed $2500 USD. Tripods, stands, clamps, and accessories do not count towards your total value, only lights, cameras, microphones, and lenses.
  2. Amend a short behind-the-scenes video detailing the camera gear you used to create your film. This can be super quick. The point here is to prove you’re uploading a new video and not a previous piece of work. Check out Gerald’s video for an example.
  3. Upload your film to Youtube using the hashtag #GearFocusFilmContest
  4. Signup for a free Gear Focus account here. (If you don’t have one yet)
  5. Once your film is uploaded, fill out this form to complete your entry. 

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY:  July 1st, 2022

Gear BTS

Don’t forget! All submissions must include 30-45 sec of BTS on location showing the gear used to create your film. We want to see the gear you use to create your film so others watching can be inspired. It is not the camera, but the person behind the camera that captures and tells the story.

Judging Criteria


Do this right and you could take home a new prize that will surely take your cinematography to the next level.


What can you say in 3 minutes? We want to see how well you can execute a story, theme, or concept all within a quick period of time.

Sound Design

How can you use sound to convey your story? Our panel is looking at how you creatively execute sound to engage the viewer deeper into your film.

The Judges

Gerald Undone

Patrick Tomasso