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Gear Focus Short Film Contest

We all know it isn’t the gear that makes the creator. Now’s your chance to showcase your ingenuity using the gear you already own.

We’ve teamed up with Gerald Undone and a host of YouTubers to give away our largest prize ever! The only thing between you and a shiny new Kinefinity Mavo Edge 6k? Creativity and ingenuity.

Contest Details

Gerald Undone FIlm Contest

Win the Gear of Your Dreams!

We’ve teamed up with Gerald Undone, Patrick Tomasso, and Lee Zavitz to give away our largest prize ever! The only thing between you and a shiny new Kinefinity Mavo Edge 6k? Creativity and ingenuity. Spark your imagination and create a short film using under $2500 in gear. Our panel of YouTube stars will judge your film and award a Kinefinity Mavo Edge 6k camera to the winner! Follow the steps below for entry and don’t forget to check out the judging criteria.


1st Place: Grand Prize

Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K Digital Cinema Camera + Accessories ($14,000 MSRP)

Included With Camera:

  • EF Lens Adaptor
  • 5 Inch Monitor
  • Carrying Case + Tools
  • 1 Terabyte SSD
  • MoveCam Cage and Accessories
  • Two extra Kinefinity Custom Red Batteries


How To Enter

  1. Create a short film up to 4 minutes in length, the subject matter is up to you! Check out the judging criteria for inspiration on how to impress our judges. The total value of your film equipment cannot exceed $2500 USD. Tripods, stands, clamps, and accessories do not count towards your total value, only lights, cameras, microphones, and lenses.
  2. Amend a short behind-the-scenes video detailing the camera gear you used to create your film. This can be super quick. The point here is to prove you’re uploading a new video and not a previous piece of work. Check out Gerald’s video for an example.
  3. Upload your film to Youtube using the hashtag #GearFocusFilmContest
  4. Signup for a free Gear Focus account here. (If you don’t have one yet)
  5. Once your film is uploaded, fill out this form to complete your entry.

July 1st, 2022

The Judges

Gerald Undone

Patrick Tomasso

The winner of the #GearFocusFilmContest posted a video sharing their creative process for the film. It's an interesting watch:

Congrats to the winners and everyone who submitted to the #gearfocusfilmcontest and thanks to @GeraldUndone & @gear_focus for motivating us to go out and make a film. Watch out, we'll be back to win the next one.

New video! This is the winners announcement video for the #GearFocusFilmContest, but I turned it more into an educational piece providing some tips for improving your short films/filmmaking and understanding the minds of judges.

Some BTS from Late Night Cravings of me getting fitted into my lettuce wig.

@casey__ha transformed me into a fast food abomination 🌯👋


Update: The judging phase of the #GearFocusFilmContest is complete and I will be posting a video discussing the winners with Patrick and Lee on Monday. Thanks to everyone who participated. The overall quality of the submissions was stellar. Great job to everyone! 🤓👍

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